Frequently asked questions

> What makes Amplified different?

We're not a marketing or PR firm! We ARE the press - journalists, freelance journalists, and publishers. This is how we remove all middlemen.

> How is 'removing the middlemen' an advantage?

'Removing the middlemen' also means removing their fees - at an agency, there's often several people earning commission - that comes out of your pocket!

> What kind of content is not allowed?

We cannot work with companies selling supplements (weight loss pills for example), cannabis and other drugs/alcohol, gambling, adult.

> Are there any disadvantages?

For some, maybe - and we wouldn't want you choosing us if we're not the right fit.

Preferably, our clients drop us a line when they're preparing to make an announcement (about a week ahead is ideal, but we can often do rush orders too) and let us know the exact date they want it going out.

48 hours ahead of that date, they send us the final press release, completely ready to go.

A couple days later, you'll be sent a full report.

If you're looking for someone you can call any time to guide you every step of the way - that's not us. That's when hiring an agency makes sense.

> What do you provide when your job is complete?

We provide a full report with URLs to everywhere your press release was published.

> I am from an agency, can we use your services? Do you have whitelabel options?

This surprises people sometimes, but many of our top clients are marketing agencies!

We can usually offer whitelabel options, and our clients have permission to remove our name from reports and add their own.

In short - yes you may take credit for our work!

As long as your bill is paid we don't care.